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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa

"Tabula rasa" is a Latin phrase often translated as "blank slate" in English and originates from the Roman tabula or wax tablet used for notes, which was blanked by heating the wax and then smoothing it.

In his brilliant work An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Locke argues that, at birth, the mind is a tabula rasa (a blank slate) that we fill with ‘ideas’ as we experience the world through the five senses. By ‘idea’, Locke means “whatsoever is the Object of the Understanding, when a person thinks.”.

Tabula Rasa. (video game) Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa was an MMORPG developed by Destination Games and published by NCsoft, designed in part by some of the creators of Ultima Online including Richard Garriott. The game was a role-playing video game that .

Tabula Rasa HealthCare offers you an opportunity to grow and be challenged. Our goals are to provide excellent service, utilize advanced technology, and proficiently deliver results. To accomplish these goals, we constantly seek individuals who look for ways to do things better.

 · Locke distinguishes a variety of different kinds of ideas in Book II. Locke holds that the mind is a tabula rasa or blank sheet until experience in the form of sensation and reflection provide the basic materials—simple ideas—out of which most of our more complex knowledge is constructed. While the mind may be a blank slate in regard to content, it is plain that Locke thinks we are born with a .

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    English speakers have called that initial state of mental blankness tabula rasa (a term taken from a Latin phrase that translates as "smooth or erased tablet") since the 16th century, but it wasn't until British .

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     · Tabula Rasa. When a young woman with amnesia becomes a key figure in a missing persons case, she must reconstruct her memories to clear her Date: .

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     · Tabula Rasa HealthCare’s products and services are built around and reinforced by our proprietary Medication Risk Mitigation (MRM) Matrix™. Our technology delivers simultaneous, multi-drug analyses that identify medication-related risk across a variety of safety factors and presents actionable opportunities to mitigate that risk and optimize patients’ medication regimens.

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